The Cab Panels Have Arrived

The cab panels for my 1990 Chevy K2500 have arrived! These will be used to repair the rusting common to this generation of Chevrolet trucks. The driver’s side wasn’t as rusted so I could get away with just getting the smaller/cheaper panel for it.

I plan on trying to use body panel adhesive to attach these. I don’t have a welding setup and the heat from welding can cause a fire in the insulation behind these panels.

I’ll be getting this started in the next month or so hopefully and I’ll post updates as they occur.

Update April 2020: I did replace the driver side panel using a manual panel flanger and panel bonding adhesive. It turned out well enough that I want to try it on the 1990 GMC K1500. The K2500 has went back to my father’s house but I will try to get a picture of the panel replacement soon.

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