Removing Paint from Vehicle Windows

I bought a camper shell for the 1990 Chevrolet K2500 and it’s great except for one thing: the previous owner painted the windows black on the inside. This looks cool (as much as a shell can) from the outside and is perfect for sleeping in. It looks like the darkest tint you can get and is nearly pitch black when you spend the night in it. However, you can’t see at all when trying to back up. So I needed to remove the paint.

The best tool I found for the job is a razor blade scraper, like this one:

Soon I will have it back to clear windows so I can see when I back up and not run into anything. If you’re looking for a scraper, you can get one on Amazon: Stanley 28-500 Razor Blade Scraper with 5 Blades.

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  1. Hey I was wondering if the camper had any type of branding on it, I’ve been wanting a nice looking camper for a while now!

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