“New” Wheels and Tires for the 1990 GMC K1500

New wheels – 17 inch stock GM wheels (2014 – ??)

When I bought the 1990 K1500, it had my least favorite GMT400 wheels on it. The tires where cracking and one had radial wires showing through the rubber.

Old wheels – 16 inch stock GM truck wheels (92-98?)

So, as usual, I checked Facebook Marketplace for 6 x 5.5 lug pattern wheels as part of my daily “what new GMT400’s are for sale out there” routine. I found some for stock GM steel wheels with mud terrain tires for $200. That seemed like a great price compared to the other listings on Facebook.

I arranged to meet the seller at his house where the wheels were the next day. When I arrived, I saw that the tires were not in good shape, but they were still better than the ones I had on the truck. Two were extremely worn on the inside edge:

You can see the tread is much more worn on the inside/left of the tire

The seller said the truck they came off of had an “alignment problem”. That truck probably had enough negative camber to make an appearance on Fast and the Furious 14.

But I decided the deal was still good at that price. They still have much more tread remaining on them than my previous set did.

The old tires were 275/65R16 and the new ones are 275/70R17. That’s a 1.1 inch increase in overall height. Couple that with the aggressiveness of the mud terrain tread and it makes the truck look better, in my opinion.

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