The TBI Air Flow Enhancer, a.k.a. the Salad Bowl

I just installed the TBI Air Flow Enhancer from Jegs. I had read mixed reports of the effect these bowls have on performance. Some say it doesn’t do anything and some say you can definitely feel an increase in power. The tipping point for me to buy one was an old 1993 GMC 350 Pickup – Project […]

Painting the air intake on the 1990 Chevy Truck

I used Rust-Oleum Automotive Rust Reformer Spray as a base and then sprayed over that with a cheap black spray paint. I sprayed over the rust reformer because it didn’t seem very easy to clean without damaging it, as I found out in my post about Painting Vehicle Floor Boards. I don’t have any good before photos except […]

Chevy K2500 Maintenance

An ongoing list of maintenance and non-fuel costs for the 1990 Chevrolet K2500. | Date | Miles | Item/Work | Cost | |————-|——–|——————————–|———-| | 2016-09-05 | 214550 | Bought truck | $500.00 | |————-|——–|——————————–|———-| | Total | | | $500.00 | |————-|——–|——————————–|———-| Maintenance: | Date | Miles | Item/Work | Cost | |————-|——–|——————————–|———-| | 2016-09-05 […]